Danilo Gallo

danilo is a supreme producer of rythmical lows and noises. to do that, he uses doublebass, electric bass, acoustic bass guitar, bass balalaikas, 12strings bass. born in foggia _deep south italy_ in the near 1972. living. somewhere. beetween berlin and foggia: actually, padova, italy

danilo is a member of El Gallo Rojo Records (

my references? ehm... i mean, every musician (and not only musicians) I met in my life... but, if you like: Uri Caine, Cuong Vu, Marc Ribot, Gary Lucas, Chris Speed, Rob Mazurek, Steven Bernstein, Elliot Sharp, Anthony Coleman, Ben Perowsky, Jim Black, Ralph Alessi, Tom Rainey, Angelica Sanchez, Mike Patton, Napoleon Maddox, Jessica Lurie, Alexander Balanescu, Bob Mintzer, Benny Golson, John Tchicai, Famoudou Don Moye, Steve Grossman, Enrico Rava, Francesco Bearzatti, Cristina Dona', Antonio Ciacca, Giovanni Falzone, Pietro Tonolo, Giancarlo Schiaffini, Enzo Favata, tra gli altri.

Danilo is the winner of the italian TOP JAZZ Referendum by Musica Jazz, as best bassist of the 2010.

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Cristina Dona' TREGUA TOUR 17-06-2017

new endorsment! 25-05-2017

Happy and proud to be endorser of Dogal Strings

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new releases 11-03-2017

Hi folks,
here some news regarding my last bandcamp releases.
check it out!
and if you like them, buy them!
thanX a lot!
Have a great day,

THE RAPE "There inside the Dark"
KATHYA WEST _ concept, lyrics, vocals, kazoo, kaos pad, harmonica
DANILO GALLO _ bass, bassVI, baritone guitar, acoustic guitar, melodica, organ
RICCARDO TOSI _ drums, live electronics

"There inside the dark there are threads of thirst that dazzle the rough road of the journey of a violated life that runs its course. 
There's a prostituted love, conceived dead. There's a shadow of the fragile knots that bind a soul that is unravelled. 
There's the rebellion of a bride, recluse in her mourning. 
There's the resurrection of a time once lost. There's a pact with life. 
There's everything that can be interpreted but not explained. 
Turning on the light is strictly forbidden if you really want to see. 
Do not open your eyes if you do not wish to be victims of rape"
(Kathya West)

Di Vi KAPPA 3 "Oxymoron"
KATHYA WEST _ vocals, 'mbira, percussion, harmonica, kavall
VALERIO SCRIGNOLI _ acoustic guitar (L)
DANILO GALLO _ acoustic guitar (R)

"A visionary trip, an improvised travel, made of melancholic pauses, looks and stories that lead in a secret embrace, between The Beatles and The Rolling Stones"
(Kathya West)

Danilo Gallo DARK DRY TEARS 18-05-2016


DARK DRY TEARS / Thinking Beats Where Mind Dies

DI VI KAPPA 3 "Vicious" 09-05-2016

new release!

Kathya West _vocals, Valerio Scrignoli _guitar, Danilo Gallo _bass

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check out these amazing hand made pedals!


Danilo Gallo "DARK DRY TEARS" 05-03-2015

my new band!


Danilo Gallo - electric bass, bass VI
Francesco Bearzatti - tenor sax, clarinet
Francesco Bigoni - tenor sax, clarinet
Jim Black - drums

Danilo Gallo, an ecletic, crossover, creative, risk-loving bass player, always ready and curious to new adventures, leads this new quartet formed by friends of international significance, like the high-class Brooklyn based drummer Jim Black, one of the more influential musicians of his instrument and one of the greatest makers and representatives of the “New Yorker Downtown Music”, than the award-winning Francesco Bearzatti (Paris based), friend of thousand adventures with his band Tinissima 4et, than the young talented Francesco Bigoni (Copenaghen based), co-adventurer of the italian collective-label experience El Gallo Rojo, both on tenor sax and clarinet, like in a specular and simmetric frontline.
With this band Danilo Gallo gives sound to his hidden soul, a mix of melancholic-punk-retrorock-melodic-grunge feelings, lubricating her through the music, using the universal language of jazz, which is respected and than wrung out by the fantastic members of the band, giving the opportunity to the dark and dry tears of this soul, to flow.

on tour from march 24th to april 1st, 2015

with recording session at Rome's Auditorium, that will be release by "Parco della Musica Records"


GUANO PADANO web site 24-10-2014

on line new GUANO PADANO web site

check it!


The whole of Saturday night's performance by the Wayne Horvitz European Orchestra at the Bimhuis - Amsterdam, is streaming here:

Luca Calabrese and Eric Boeren: trumpets; Massimiliano Milesi: soprano sax; Silke Eberhard: alto sax; Edoardo Marraffa: tenor sax; John Dikeman: baritone sax; Gerhard Gschlößl and Wolter Wierbos: trombones; Alexander Hawkins: piano; Danilo Gallo: bass; Zeno de Rossi: drums; me on clarinet and guitar; and Wayne Horvitz: compositions/conduction.

GUANO PADANO new release! 22-09-2014

In uscita il 4 novembre 2014 il terzo album di GUANO PADANO, dal titolo"AMERICANA".

next Guano Padano gigs

16 oct Cavedine (TN) - Cantine Pedrotti
17 oct Padova - Fishmarket
18 oct Perugia - Urban
1 nov Firenze - Glue
7 nov Brescia - Carmen Town
8 nov Torino - Blah Blah
14 nov Grezzana (VR) - The Brothers
15 nov Mestre (VE) - Centro Candiani
7 dec Poggio Berni (RN) - Circolo Malfattori
12 dec Milano - live @ Radio Popolare
20 dec Milano - Circolo Agorà
8 jan Genova - La Claque
9 jan Cantù - All’1 e 35 circa
10 jan Savona - Raindogs
17 jan Corridonia (MC) - Soms Club
22 jan Bologna - Bravo Caffè

WHEO 22-09-2014

GUANO PADANO news 08-09-2014

Quest’anno, grandi novità in casa GUANO PADANO! La band composta da Alessandro “Asso” Stefana (chitarra), Danilo Gallo (basso) e Zeno De Rossi (batteria) sta ultimando proprio in questi giorni le registrazioni del nuovo album dal titolo “AMERICANA”, in uscita il prossimo ottobre per l’etichetta Ipecac Recordings/Ponderosa Music & Art.

stay in touch!


coming back from a fantastic residence week, where I learnt a lot of music with the WAYNE HORVITZ EUROPEAN ORCHESTRA

Alex Ward _clarinet, guitar
Massimiliano Milesi _soprano sax
Silke Eberhard _alto sax
Edoardo Marraffa _tenor sax
John Dikeman _baritone sax
Fabio Morgera _trumpet
Luca Calabrese _trumpet
Gerhard Gschlößl _trombone
Sebi Tramontana _trombone
Alexander Hawkins _piano
Danilo Gallo _doublebass
Zeno de Rossi _drums
Wayne Horvitz _conduction, compositions, arrangements


thanX everybody!


new cd release! 05-11-2013

NUSICA.ORG record label
free, digital, ecological and conceptual

o4 Alessandro Fedrigo e Danilo Gallo "Live in Brno"

Alessandro Fedrigo (acoustic bass guitar, effects, vocals)

Danilo Gallo (electric and acoustic bass guitar, effects, flute,
objects, toys)

Download the cd in mp3 format at

See the video that present "Live in Brno"

Visit for more info and contents

Wayne Horvitz European Orchestra 03-11-2013

proud to be part of this fantastic band!


The new "Wayne Horvitz European Orchestra"

Wayne Horvitz - conduction and composition
Liz Allbee - trumpet
Tom Arthurs - trumpet
Alex Ward - clarinet, guitar, alto sax and vocals
Gianni Mimmo - soprano sax
Silke Eberhard - alto sax, clarinet and bass clarinet
Edoardo Marraffa - tenor sax and alto sax
John Dikeman - baritone sax, tenor sax and soprano sax
Gerhard Gschlößl - trombone and sousaphone
Tony Cattano - trombone
Alexander Hawkins - piano
Danilo Gallo - double bass
Zeno de Rossi - drums

Live in Brno 10-10-2013


MIDNIGHT LILACS vinyl out June 4th for Tannen Records (Limited edition of 300 numbered copies)

Chris Speed tenor sax and clarinet
Marc Ribot guitar
Danilo Gallo double bass
Zeno de Rossi drums


GALLO & THE ROOSTERS on tour! 13-01-2013

next week my band GALLO & THE ROOSTERS is coming back!
with my friends and great musicians

Achille Succi _bass clarinet
Gerhard Gschloessl _trombone
Zeno de Rossi _drums
and me Danilo Gallo _doublebass

14th _Art Blakey Jazz Club _Busto Arsizio (Va)
15th _Bar Wolf _Bologna
16th _Knulp _Trieste
17th _Ai Molini _Dolo (Ve)

Huevos del Gallo 24-12-2012

Guano Padano opening band for Faith No More 19-06-2012

GUANO PADANO opening band for FAITH NO MORE!!!


El Gallo Rojo Records is an Italian collective of musicians and indipendent label. It is one of the most active labels on the Italian jazz and improvised music scene, having produced 54 albums since 2005. Some of those albums were picked from the Italian jazz magazines as the best releases of the past few years. Our release #50 has intentionally been kept vacant, waiting for the special project that we would like to achieve with the help of our supporters: a collection of new original music written and performed by the 15 members of the collective.

WE MADE IT!  A special thank you to ALL of you who have supported us financially but also with confidence! The 24-25-26-27 of June we'll be in recording studio in the Tuscan hills to achieve this challenge.


Guano Padano feat. Mike Patton official video on narional italian TV 03-05-2012


(2012 Tremoloa Records/Tannen Records)

Video directed by Graziano Staino
EP Francesco Sonnati
Blindvision Production
Mike Patton: vocals
Alessandro "Asso" Stefana: electric guitars, siren guitar, 
harmonica, piano, tape echoes
Danilo Gallo: ural bass, vox organ
Zeno De Rossi: drums

Uri Caine Ensemble "Mahler Re-Visited" 24-04-2012

april, 25th @ Rai Radio Tre Suite, 20:30h

live from Vicenza Jazz 2011 of Uri Caine Ensemble "Mahler Re-Visited" with the great Uri Caine, Chris Batchelor, Chris Speed, Nicolas Geremus, Jim Black, and me.

new exciting upcoming GUANO PADANO tour! 03-04-2012


06-05-2012 Reasonanz, Jesi (AN)
05-05-2012 Beat Cafe', San Salvo (CH)
04-05-2012 Teatro dei Servi, Massa
21-04-2012 Vinile 45, Brescia
20-04-2012 Teatro Ariberto, Milano
19-04-2012 Karemaski, Arezzo
18-04-2012 Locanda Atlantide, Roma
17-04-2012 Live @ Moby Dick, RAI, Roma
16-04-2012 Bellavista, Spoltore (PE)
14-04-2012 Interzona, Verona
12-04-2012 Off, Modena
11-04-2012 Teatro San Leonardo, Bologna



new album of GUANO PADANO out! 13-03-2012

new album of GUANO PADANO! check

Gallo & The Roosters on tour! 01-01-2012

january 2012 tour ---> 18 @ Bellavista _Spoltore (Pe) - 19 @ Da Caliendo _Bacoli (Na) - 20 @ Black House _Avellino - 21 @ Pinocchio _Firenze - 23 @ Taverna dal Conte _Monzambano (Mn)

from Mexico! 01-12-2011

review from Dijazzradio Tijuana, Pedro Beas.

Gallo & The Roosters "Everything is Whatever" on I-tunes! 17-10-2011


InSound Prize 25-09-2011

I am happy to inform that I won the InSound Prize 2011, the category Electric Bass Guitar. Along with my other friends of many adventures, the brothers of conjunto El Gallo Rojo; Alfonso Santimone, Stefano Senni, Zeno De Rossi, and still more Francesco Bearzatti, Alessandro "Asso" Stefana, Patrizia Laquidara ... and many others.

Awards ceremony on September 28th Teatro dell'Arte, Milano (Trienniale).

GALLO & THE ROOSTERS new release!!! 25-09-2011

I'm proud to announce you the release of the third cd of my fantastic band GALLO & THE ROOSTERS "Everything is Whatever" _El Gallo Rojo Records.
ThanX to the fantastic musicians Achille Succi, Gerhard Gschloessl, Zeno de Rossi that made this music possible, and all the fantastic fueler friends of Rockethub that helped me to make this project possible!

Guano Padano 07-08-2011

Bronson Productions in collaboration with Tremoloa Records announce the release of 7 "vinyl limited edition (45rpm) containing the revisiting of two classic spaghetti western songs branded by the unmistakable sound of Guano Padano."Ehi amico... c'è Sabata, hai chiuso!"(music by Marcello Giombini - 1969) and "I giorni dell'ira" (music by Riz Ortolani - 1967) are united by the presence of one of the greatest protagonists of Italian Westerns: Lee Van Cleef, whose image is represented by an illustration on the cover of Andrea Clanetti Santarossa. Vincenzo Vasi guest on vocals, backing vocals and theremin and Titti Castrini as guest on accordion.

New Cds! 18-07-2011

2 fantastic new albums released!

THE HUMANS "It's Nine o'Clock" _ El Gallo Rojo Records

w/ Silvia Donati, Simone Massaron, Enrico Terragnoli, Danilo Gallo, Massimiliano Sorrentini

FALSOPIANO "8888" _El Gallo Rojo Records

w/ Giorgio Pacorig, Alfonso Santimone, Aljosa Jeric

Gallo & The Roosters are coming back! 23-05-2011

3 days recording session with my band Gallo & The Roosters! I'm proud to write music and arrange and play with these fantastic musicians, Achille Succi, Gerhard Gschloessl, Zeno De Rossi! 

THANX guys!

Also a big thank to Asso for his patient en special attitude to record!

Cd release, september!

Stay in touch!


TOP JAZZ 01-01-2011

This year I've happened to win the "Top Jazz" price as the best bassist in 2010, referendum organized by the italian magazine "Musica Jazz"! It happens sometimes...

ALSO I won two other awards, being part of the fantastic quartet of Francesco Bearzatti "TINISSIMA": this band won place best group and best album, the beautiful "X, Suite for Malcolm" (Parco della Musica Records). What is this? A wave of news and curiosity' in the Italian jazz scene?

Thank you all.

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Gabriele Coen 4et

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18 March 2019

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Bollate (Mi)

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"An Insolent Noise" festival 2007
Verdi Theatre, Pisa, november 30rd 2007

Gallo & The Roosters "El Gallo Sanchez"

Danilo Gallo : bass

Achille Succi : bass clarinet

Gerhard Gschloessl : trombone

Zeno De Rossi : drums

Piero Bittolo Bon JUMP THE SHARK

Live in Cormons

Piero Bittolo Bon JUMP THE SHARK "Caporetto in my Mouth / Cargo Cult"

Piero Bittolo Bon : alto sax, flute

Pasquale Mirra : vibes

Danilo Gallo : double bass

Domenico Caliri : guitars

Federico Scettri : drums

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Border Ha

Empty Yellow Thoughts

Bunch Records - 2018

Andrea Massaria New Time Trio

Last Call

Jazzit Magazine - 2018

Luca Dell'Anna 4et

Human See Human Doo

UR Records - 2018

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