Out of a Suite

UR Records - 2018

Andrea Baronchelli Trombone, effects, compositions

Michele Bonifati Electric guitar, effects

Danilo Gallo Electric bass, effects, objects

Alessandro Rossi Drums, electric drums

"…the music profession is one of those that has taken longer to be recognized. Charged with too many ancient magical or religious conceptions and with all the particularities of the artistic mentality, it has been too long admired and despised together. His ambivalence sometimes touches the region of holiness, because, like the tree of the world, the musician is placed between two worlds, between heaven and earth, between life and death. That's why you avoid too personal relationships with him. It is respected and to the same extent it is feared or despised. His faculties are valued, which are sometimes needed; but the esteem is still too mixed with the fear that a music endowed with all the rights of a common being can abuse his power.

Sometimes the music seems even to be an outcast."

(M. Schneider - Sociologie et mythologie musicales)