Enzo Carpentieri Circular E-motion feat. Rob Mazurek

Everywhere is Here

ZeroZeroJazz - 2011

Rob Mazurek _cornet

Enrico Terragnoli _alchemist guitar, banjo, podophono, maracas, harmonica

Stefano Senni _doublebass (L)

Danilo Gallo _doublebass (R), el.bass (#1,#11,#14), stylophone, toys

Enzo Carpentieri _drums, percussion, gamelan

This project began on a misty november morning, from a recording of completely improvised music without any preconceived destination. It was only the red "record" light that gave these five musicians the "green light" to begin their telepathic interplay.

This freat sense of freedom on the part of musicians involved pushed the music into familiar and new territory, towards moving horizons.

I dedicate this work to the musicians of the world that, through their continual creation and pursuit for depth in music, create and mantein a circular motion in life.

Enzo Carpentieri